About Company

As an Bearing Supplier, Hydraulic tool Supplier and Industrial belt Supplier, We Provide Bearings, Hydraulic Seals, Industrial Belts, Chains and Sprockets, etc...

Ensuring quality and reliability of products and services is our top priority and mission. In today’s extremely challenging business world, understanding complexities and thus being able to effectively help customers overcome issues providing value added services is what sets us apart.


For more information, please Click here to Contact us.


For more information, please Click here to Contact us.

Our goal is to continue expanding our range of product and establish ourselves as the ultimate solution provider of Bearings, Hydraulic Fields and Industrial Belts for our clients.

What we Offer


Bearings is a leading business enhancement solutions company providing mechanical systems, components and distributing high quality bearings and related products.


We measured our success through customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves as being partners to our customers and it is our call to deliver the best in terms of services and products.


Leading company specializing in the field of high quality power transmission belts such as Timing Belts, V Belts, Wedge Belts, Conveyors, Flat Belts, Pulleys.