Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

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Piston Seals
Piston seals maintain sealing contact in sliding motion between the piston and cylinder bore for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
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Rod Seals
Rod seals are general terms describing the sealing system used for moving parts with the reciprocal movement of hydraulic & pneumatic equipment.
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Wiper / Dust Seals
The main feature of a dust seal is to seal outside dust. In addition, a sealing system using a dust seal, combined with rod packing and buffer ring, can prevent oil film from being scraped out.
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Buffer Seals
Buffer seal is used in combination with rod packing to absorb the impact and fluctuating pressure at high load, to isolate high-temperature fluid, and to improve the durability of the packing.
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Vee Packings
Vee packings can be used for severe operating conditions by plying packings according to the operating pressure. Both packings for piston and rod seals are fabric-reinforced and made of nitrile rubber.
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Pneumatic Seals
The pneumatic seal is general terms describing the sealing system for low pressure. Pneumatic seals can be used for both piston and rod seals.
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Center Joint Seals
Center Joint Seal is a special case for center swivel with excellent wear resistance and extrusion proof ability. Since perfect sealing cannot be expected, please provide a drain at the end and use oil seals for rotating pressure with the seal.
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Floating Seals
Floating seals are used for the purpose of maintaining a steady flow of lubricating oil and preventing the infiltration of impurities.