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Chains and Sprockets

Chains are sturdy and reliable machine components that transmit power through tensile forces. They are primarily used in both power transmission and conveyance systems.

Chains are most commonly used as a cost-saving component of power transmission machines for heavy loads and low speeds. They are more suitable for applications with long-term non-stop running and power transmission with limited torque fluctuation. However, they can also be used in high-speed conditions, for example, in motorcycles, and in automobile engine camshaft drives.

As flexible as belts and as positive as gears, chains provide unequaled design flexibility, convenience, resistance to shock loads, simplicity of installation, and dependability.

Roller chains are the most common types of chain where efficient, economical power transmission is required. Roller chain drives possess outstanding advantages as compared to other mediums of transmitting power. They do not slip as they are not dependent on tension for effective operation, and do not require a fixed distance between centers. In fact, in applications where the shaft center distance is greater, chains are more highly recommended as compared to gears.